|Contoh Percakapan Cause and Effect Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Percakapan Cause and Effect Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Contoh percakapan cause and effect|Contoh Percakapan Cause and Effect Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Pada artikel kali ini akan kita buatkan contoh percakapan cause and effect dalam bahasa inggris. Cause dan effect dalam percakapan bahasa inggris adalah percakapan tentang hubungan sebab (cause) dan akibat (effect).

  • Cause: Sebab, menyebabkan, alasan, penyebab.
  • Effect: Efek, pengaruh,akibat, hasil, menyebabkan, mengakibatkan
  • Affect: Mempengaruhi, mengenai.

Baik yang menjadi cause itu benda (noun) ataupun kata kerja (verb). Terkadang benda dapat menjadi sebab yang berakibat pada kelakuan maupun kepada benda yang lain.

Bisa jadi pula kelakuan atau suatu pekerjaan dapat menjadi sebab yang berakibat pada benda maupun meenghasilkan pekerjaan yang lain.

Berikut contoh dialog cause and effect singkat dan panjang dalam berbagai tema

Daftar Isi

Contoh percakapan cause and effect tentang corona

Berikut adalah percakapan antara seorang ibu dan anak tentang cause and effect dari corona.

Mom: Alright, sweetheart, listen up. We have to talk.

Kid: Sure, what’s happen, mom?
Mom: The situation out there is going bad.
Kid: What do you mean?
Mom: I mean, we have to stay home for now.
Kid: means I can’t play outside anymore?
Mom: in the meantime, it’s best.
Kid: But, why?
Mom: it’s because of the corona.
Kid: is the corona a monster?
Mom: No, kiddo, the corona is a virus.
Kid: will it hurt us?
Mom: Of course no, if we stay home and stay clean.
Kid: aren’t we always keeping clean?
Mom: Definitely, we have to keep a distance from other people out there.
Kid: So sad.
Mom: That’s why we have to be careful because the corona effect is very bad.
Kid: Hm-hmm.
Mom: The corona was affected a lot of people out there.
Kid: Are they cured?
Mom: We hope they are well and get well.
Kid: We have to stay healthy, mommy.
Mom: Absolutely, my darling.

Contoh dialog cause and effect 4 orang

Berikut adalah contoh dialog cause and efeect panjang tentang bangun awal di pagi hari.

Emy: So guys, what do you think about getting up early.
Arie: That is an excellent thing.
Elwi: This will have a remarkable effect on our lives.
Kirk: That’s also a very huge thing to get up at 4 am.
Elwi: Most successful people wake up early in the morning.
Emy: Yeah, I read a lot of them stories.
Arie: Plus, getting up early is also very good for health.
Kirk: Most people start early in the morning have a good day.
Elwi: I’ve been up late, but I’ll try my best.
Arie: When it has become a habit, it’s tough to leave it.
Emy: I agree with that.
Elwi: Getting up early for prayers is the best thing for the day.
Kirk: Also a difficult thing to do.
Arie: Yeah, but this is an obligation and good result for us.
Elwi: That’s true.
Emy: Starting the day with communication with Allah through prayer is a very positive thing.
Kirk: Right.
Elwi: Wudu’s water is also very good for nerves when you wake up in the morning.
Emy: Yes, especially Wudu water is reciting a prayer.
Arie: I understand. I’ve read research on the water that is reciting a right word.
Kirk: Me too. Water that is read by the right words has a much better structure.
Elwi: Subhanallah.

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Contoh dialog cause and effect bullying

Berikut ini adalah contoh dialog antara dua orang tentang banyaknya kasus bullying di sekolah.

Gio: Hey Adi, do you think that bullying is a crisis at school?
Adi: Yeah, I think so.
Gio: Do you see any causes of bullying?
Adi: I think education and parent take a huge role in it.
Gio: I agree, the school is the right place to fix this.
Adi: But if the bullying is happening in the school, it’s very worst.
Gio: it’s so hard to know the bullying happens at school.
Adi: Yup, it affects very bad to child psychology.
Gio: I think teachers and parents must give a lot of attention to it.
Adi: Definitely, they have to teach children to respect others more.
Gio: They must also be good examples.

Contoh dialog cause and effect of corruption

Berikut ini adalah contoh dialog cause and effect singkat 2 orang tentang korupsi.

Mili: Why does corruption never stop happening?
Ane: That’s true.
Mili: I can’t stop thinking about the effect they will have on corruption.
Ane: it has had a devastating effect on our society.
Mili: Yeah, it’s affected so bad.
Ane: Why do they dare to take money that is not their right?
Mili: Yes, what’s worse, the perpetrators of corruption are people with education and smart brains!
Ane: Absolutely.
Mili: in my opinion, they already have no faith.
Ane: I agree that they don’t believe in the Day of Judgment.
Mili: Faith is what prevents a person from an evil act.
Ane: That’s right.

Dialog cause and effect of flooding in Jakarta

Berikut ini adalah contoh dialog cause and effect tentang benjir yang terjadi di Jakarta.

Emma: I worry about this stuff lately.
Alenai: What point is that?
Emma: The flooding in our city, Jakarta
Alenai: That’s a big problem. I have no idea.
Emma: You know the cause of that?
Alenai: Garbage, illegal logging, that’s it.
Emma: That’s true, but I worry about the new thing.
Alenai: What’s that?
Emma: The global warming
Alenai: Sounds scary.
Emma: Even the government can handle the cause of flooding that you have said, it’s a more huge problem.
Alenai: How huge is it?
Emma: Sea levels rise, and the land sinks little by little.
Alenai: What caused it?
Emma: Air pollution, burning forests,…
Alenai: You are scaring me now.
Emma: That’s the truth.

Contoh dialog cause and effect smoking

Berikut ini adalah contoh dialog cause and effect tentang merokok antara seorang ayah dan anaknya.

Kid: Dad, why you don’t smoke? isn’t that cool
Dad: Do you think smoking is cool?
Kid: I see people smoking everywhere
Dad: Alright, baby girl, look! Smoking is nasty at all.
Kid: Actually, the smoke is very annoying
Dad: You have to make a distance from the smoker.
Kid: Should I?
Dad: Of course, secondhand smoke can cause severe illness.
Kid: Like what?
Dad: Like cancer, pneumonia, coughing, and even death
Kid: Dad, you scare me right now
Dad: I told the truth, baby girl.
Kid: Thank goodness you don’t smoke
Dad: Am I cool?
Kid: No doubt

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Contoh dialog cause and effect tetang olahraga

Berikut ini adalah contoh dialog cause and effect antara 2 orang tentang olahraga.

Ani: Can I say something, but I don’t mean
Rio: I always hear you, my best friend
Ani: So cute…
Rio: What you want to say, dude?
Ani: Generally, you look no spirit lately
Rio: Really?
Ani: Yup, your body look not in shape too
Rio: You right. I play the game a lot.
Ani: Do you
Rio: Yeah, I shouldn’t be careless with games
Ani: How about we make the sports schedule?
Rio: Sounds cool!
Ani: We can start with jogging time
Rio: That look more fun
Ani: Jogging will affect and increase our spirit and healthy
Rio: Okay, I am in
Ani: That’s new you

Contoh dialog cause and effect tentang banjir

Berikut ini adalah contoh dialog antara dua orang tentang penyebab dan akibat banjir.

Anne: it’s so sad to hear the flooding news
Mary: Yeah, it makes me furious
Anne: This must be due to illegal logging
Mary: That’s right, also a garbage problem
Anne: Those people have no compassion
Mary: They have no sense about the effect of their doing
Anne: Even if one piece of trash will result in a flood
Mary: Do those people not know that small actions are the cause of big things happening
Anne: in my opinion, they have education about that
Mary: Absolutely, but they don’t practice
Anne: it’s hard to know that educated people are illegal loggers
Mary: No doubt about that.

Contoh dialog cause and effect of bullying on teenager

Berikut ini adalah contoh dialog cause and effect antara 2 orang mengenai bullying terhadap remaja di sekolah mereka.
Danya: Hey!
Melda: Oo, hey!
Danya: How are you doing?
Melda: I’m doing well, how about you?
Danya: I’m glad. From where you were?
Melda:I’m from the library, borrowing some books.
Danya: you hear what happens today in our school?
Melda: Yeah, they’re so wrong about bullying a teenager who’s still a child.
Danya: I think those who like to bully others because less attention at home, or it could be that he is a victim of bullying.
Melda: Yup, I think so. The effects of the bully are hazardous.
Danya: Yes, it should be fellow teenagers supporting each other and collaborating.
Melda: I don’t know, we just have to keep our friends not to bully other people, especially teenagers.
Danya: Yeah, I agree with that.
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